Artsy All My Life

I grew up in a small town in central Illinois with not much to do. Add a mother who recognized my restlessness and artistic ability, and you've got weekends filled with art supplies and projects.

Fast forward to adulthood and my interests matured from painting plaster of Paris figurines and carving up boxes to the love of a variety of arts and crafts, from sewing, wood crafts, soap-making, candle-making, scrap-booking, photography... you name it, I tried it all. Or so I thought. Then a friend of mine opened a bead store and encourage me to make my first pair of earrings. I knew I was hooked. Not so much from the making of the earrings themselves, but in perusing the various beads and baubles used to do so, that in themselves were mini works of art. Let's just say I could imagine the possibilities!

What I learned in this realm of jewelry craft is that all art mediums can be incorporated into design work. This keeps my restless spirit engaged and lends itself to curiosities that lead to creativity.

I've designed in a variety of mediums, but my heart and soul lies in what I call "Vintage Bohemian." It is such a free-spirited genre that almost anything goes. And that's what I really love about it.

I have educated myself and attended classes conducted by a variety of skilled artisans who are experts in their respective crafts. Because of the new things I've learned, my jewelry studio has evolved over the years, but has always consisted of various work stations. Today, I have a fire station, a metals station, and a beading and assembly station. When combined with my sewing area, I am fully functional to create at will.

Thank you for your interest in me, my shop and my jewelry designs. I look forward to designing pieces that will be enjoyed for years to come.


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